Digital Signage

digital signage

We are the specialist in the digital signage world. With experience and know-how, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions

That was our profession even before the company was founded. We excel in the constant further development and qualification of innovative display technologies, sensor systems, state-of-the-art processes for anti-reflection coatings and active device cooling. Our concepts for large displays for use in direct sunlight are also impressive. You benefit from our knowledge and experience. A large number of projects and trusting co-operations with renowned digital signage companies are proof of our high-quality and innovative POI technology.

Our digital signage modul enables us to develop and manufacture technically and economically optimised, customer-specific POI solutions – here, also we offer a comprehensive and sustainable implementation with ‘extended’ services. Components that are ready to go into series production and which we integrate quickly and efficiently into entirely individual solutions are absolute winners with regard to time and costs!

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digital signage


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Beratung bei E-Mobility und Systemintegration

Consulting | Conception

The dynamism in the display technology, high demands on the glass technologies and anti-reflection coating processes as well as the aspects of vandalism security and of direct solar radiation, play a large role. This requires a high level of consulting competence and innovation power.

An innovative, motivated and experienced team supports the customer from the beginning and develops all the requirements in the common dialogue that represent theproduct – from the correct technology till the product design. In the selection of the components we also advise you a variety of content management systems (CMS) as well as requirement-based remote maintenance strategies and service strategiesin terms of price, performance.

You will benefit from our comprehensive know-how and create the ideal foundation for the entire product creation as early as possible with cooperation with Technagon. Dynamics and short cycles of processor technology characterise this development area.

Consulting and concept – here is where the difference begins

Project Management

Effective project management is indispensable if you want to be successful. It is often not easy and very time-consuming to bring all parameters of the Digital Signage Projectand of the entire developing process with time, costs and dates. We take care of that – with our Gate process we reliably manage the project creation process and with our tools we can even carry out optional multi-project management.

Close co-ordination with the customer is very important to us in all of this. A permanent team with fixed contacts attends to the project. All those involved in the process are integrated at all times and are informed and co-ordinated as needs require over the entire period – the more complex the project, the smaller the pressure on you!

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Projektmanagement bei E-Mobility und Systemintegration

Productmanagment in Custom Solutions


Our business is Customer-specific Digital Signage systems. We offer the right solution for mechatronic systems, control modules or the complete advertising and information systems!

We regard the product from every aspect, provide the recognition value, maximise customer satisfaction and benefits and, apart from economic and optimum manufacturing, we pay attention to durability. In our unique service portfolio we offer all development areas, manufacturing and valuable services – everything from a single source! With the extensive portfolio and the year-long experience, we are specialist and generalist at the same time and can use a wide range of POI solutions. We do not focus on standard products, solutions from the pole or dedicated locations, but always focus on the product of our customers!

We make the product unique!

Hardware Development

We develop embedded electronics modules, even for the toughest ambient conditions in the inner and outer area as well as for mobile devices of all kinds - with optimum display - and also the fan technology for large displays. As the basic components for the Digital Signage Player and system control modules, we use FPGAs and micro-controllers as well as open embedded computing standards. We develop the individual, which is necessary for the specific POI system. The provision of the application-ready hardware to connect the specific 'peripheral' - such as Camera Systems –is in the focus.

We take care of all the development steps for our customers, from the definition to the series production.

Software Development

We are experts when it comes to the customer-specific customization of the POI, to application development for controls and firmware - for example for the intelligent fan control.

For all your individual communication requirements for ASPs, we also program microcontrollers and FPGAs in ANSI C, C , HTML or UML and of course we also offer comprehensive log support - from I2C via TCP/IP up to RFID, NFC and HSPA-connection of the digital signage systems, so that the applications will always be perfectly connected. We help even in the middleware and frontend development for Linux, Windows, Android or iOS, because the customer should operate the applications on our Digital Signage platforms as simple as possible.

3D Design

Complex requirements, high failure safety and easy serviceability do not necessarily require complicated and expensive solutions. Our goal is a cost-efficient product which can be produced without compromises in function or design. Our strength is our know-how in handling a wide variety of materials – a never-ending palette of materials. What distinguishes us is our knowledge of manufacturing processes, sheet-metal bending and aluminium profile technology as well as machining processes and various coatings. Naturally we are also adept at constructions from milled aluminium and injection-moulded plastics.

Our designers develop using state-of-the-art tools for 3D modelling and drawing creation in Pro/Engineer, Creo or Solid Works as well as STD, for example for 19" technology. We are masters of our trade and we even take care of the design aspects for product lines!

System Integration

The embedding of all components within the scope of the system integration takes place under the aspects of a component-compliant, cost-optimised and smooth integration without neglecting factors such as ease of maintenance, EMC or thermal requirements.

We are specialists in the selection of optimised system components, the planning of switchgear construction, wiring design (Zuken E3) with circuit and terminal diagrams, as well as the drawing up of ventilation concepts with heat simulation, and also for IP and EMC protection in addition to general device safety.

At Technagon you get all of this from a single source with no friction losses or information going astray. This way we can come up with the ideal system design and positively influence the looks, assembly time and costs!

Prototype Construction

Our mock-up and prototype construction works in a very uncomplicated fashion and is convenient, fast and free from friction losses. We co-operate very closely here with our long-standing manufacturing partners, in some cases even with a direct ERP system link. That’s why we can score points for quality, speed and flexibility when it comes to design and functional samples, small series and of course series production later on. Many of our prototypes are already at series-production level and can usually be used immediately in the field for verification and validation without problems. We save thereby lots of time and money and the embedded system reaches the market maturity faster.

Our prototype construction offers the solution and your lead!

Prototypenbau in E-Mobility und Systemintegration
Qualitätskontrolle im Bereich E-Mobility und Systemintegration

Test | Validation | Certification

We operate modern laboratories with test stations and climatic chambers for stress tests and artificial aging (burn-in).We can also test large plants at a defined environmental temperature (up to +50 °C) in our insulated test room. Our standards include function tests, product safety tests and environmental tests (impact tests, stability, statics and protection against vandalism).

We manufacture test setups individually, too, if necessary, in order to create optimum conditions for subsequent series production. All the necessary documentation and service documents in different languages, as well as the preparation for external certifications, tests and expert opinion, as well as worldwide approvals also include our daily tasks (TAB, CE, GB report, FCC, UL, FCC, Korea and much more).

We develop comprehensively tested quality products!


Technagon can implement the Digital Signage solution from the idea up to large series. For the production we rely on manufacturing partners with state-of-the-art processes and equipment. Close to the product development process, pronounced vertical range of manufacture and optimal production conditions, which are perfectly integrated in our own operations, we convince in quality, flexibility and speed. We cover practically the entire value creation chain.

Long-standing partnerships with production companies as well as the coupling of manufacturing in Germany and the Czech Republic offer additional know-how and efficiency. Our customers shall not search elaborately for solutions for the manufacturing of their advertising and information systems, Technagon already has the solution in the portfolio!

We know who makes your product

custom solutions_production
Enclosure production
Gehaeusefertigung und Systemintegration

Whether you need a simple sheet steel angle or a complex enclosure – we offer quality, performance, safety and flexibility.

Systemintegration Bestueckung

We offer all established manufacturing technologies for PCB assembly such as SMT, THT and mixed assembly and process virtually all component shapes including 0201, QFN, PGA, BGA as well as printed circuit boards sizes up to 300 x 390 mm as per IPC A 610 standards.

Cable Configuration
Systemintegration Kabelkonfektion

We offer more than the usual cable manufacturing – diverse application areas, wide range of tools and connection parts from almost all established manufacturer. We adhere to compliances such as UL/CSA, VDE as well as the RoHS-conformity (Restriction of Hazardous substances directive).

Systemintegration Montage

We offer flexible installation – which caters to specific requirements. Whether it is ESD protected area, high-tech components, small and medium units, as well as high production lots with establishment of permanent assembly cells.

Product Maintenance

We are also happy after the completion of godfather for the POI product That’s why we also want to accompany the process of adaptation and modification over the entire lifecycle – continuously or just when required. The customer decides how.

Products can be extended, improved, optimised and modified – we stick to it and we’re already thinking today about your visions of tomorrow.

Our sustainability doesn’t end with the delivery

perfective maintenance
Service in E-mobility


We offer “extended” services! We will be glad to take the load off you as far as possible by providing logistic or organisational services over the course of the project or during operation.

We organise it for you, regardless of whether it’s a rollout, the complete logistic planning and implementation, the end customer’s individual online ordering system or product support after completion. With various Service Level Agreements you can choose the reaction times and access our hotline and ticket systems as well as RMA processes. Even the needs-based using a spare part pool, as well as individually tailored maintenance intervals can be taken over by us.

Services make the all-in-one carefree package complete

Rollout | Logistics
Logistik im Bereich Systemintegration

We offer logistical and organisational services for projects. Whether it is complete rollout, packing and packing design, transport, complete planning including coordination with end customers, installation, commissioning as well as several other logistical tasks.

After Sales Service
After-Sales-Service im Bereich Systemintegration

Services after delivery – we provide support and service, also via Hotline and Ticket System as well as RMA processes, with different SLAs and response times. This also includes, spare parts management and customised maintenance intervals.

Service-Leistungen im Bereich Systemintegration

We offer “extended” services! We would gladly undertake organisational services during the project or during operation for you, in order to provide maximum relief to you, for example, customized online ordering system for end customers.